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  1. metabolic drug tolerance

    This term is often used in substance use disorders to describe a situation where more drug is needed to achieve the same effect due to a pharmacokinetic change associated with chronic or repeated drug use. It is often due to an increase in drug elimination resulting from increased drug biotransformation.

    efaccena - 02/12/2022 - 2:39pm

  2. substance use disorder

    A condition where a person administers a drug even though such drug use causes significant impairment or distress. This is used to describe problematic drug use such as the consumption of illicit or misused substances.

    efaccena - 02/12/2022 - 2:49pm

  3. addiction

    A maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress. A dependent individual will spend a great deal of time in drug-seeking, drug-taking and recovery activities, and will persist in taking the drug despite adverse social, occupational or recreational outcomes, and in full knowledge of the psychological and physical problems resulting from their drug-taking.

    efaccena - 15/03/2016 - 1:44pm